Your child can benefit from joining a youth choir

It’s not just singing opportunities with the Sioux Falls Children’s Choir – we provide a positive space to teach kids from second grade to eighth grade about performance, voice control, communication, and more!

Providing a Positive Experience

Take this chance for your child to meet new kids from different parts of Sioux Falls. From practices to performances, the kids get the chance to start new friendships with others they might not meet in school.

With our variety of community performances, your child will learn to be comfortable being in front of an audience. That skill can help encourage your child through the rest of their educations and careers whether for performing or public speaking.

No matter what skill level your child is at, with the Sioux Falls Children’s Choir they will get high-quality choral training from local teachers while building music-reading skills.

Skills and Learning

Did you know singing in groups can help strengthen communication skills and provide a calming effect? Here’s what else your child can learn singing with us:

  • breathing and posture control

  • concentration skills

  • creativity growth

Ready to Learn More?

If joining a choir seems like a good fit for your child, registration for our fall 2021 term is open!

Our practice schedule is easy to work with and we offer tuition discounts for siblings if you’ve got more than one singer.

If your child is eager to learn more about music and performing, Sioux Falls Children’s Choir is a great place for growth.