While parents, friends, and family members are excellent advocates for encouraging children to join Sioux Falls Children’s Choir, there are other important community members we rely on — music teachers!

Three Ways Sioux Falls Music Teachers Can Support SFCC

Music teachers have a passion for what they do and the students they get to serve, knowing which children would benefit from joining our choir.

1. Tell Students and Parents About SFCC

While we do our best to get the word out about Sioux Falls Children’s Choir, word always spreads more quickly when more people share about our organization!

Joining our Sioux Falls youth chorus allows children from all over the city and community to come together and form new friendships while participating in an after-school activity they all enjoy!

2. Share the Lifelong Benefits of Singing with Students

Choir doesn’t need to stop once a child moves to middle school. Singing is a lifelong skill that enables children to get comfortable in front of an audience while improving their music-reading skills. 

3. Attend Our Sioux Falls Choir Performances

Our children work very hard to improve their singing skills throughout the semester, and have the chance to display their hard work during our community performances

When you attend one of our Sioux Falls performances, it shows that you support the youth of this city. Plus, you’ll get the pleasure of enjoying some wonderful music!

Incentives for Music Teachers

Sioux Falls Children’s Choir recognizes the importance music teachers have in a child’s desire to join a youth chorus. That’s why we have a referral program for music teachers! 

When a music teacher is listed under “Teacher’s Name” on our registration form, you’ll receive a $10 gift card!

Thank you for helping support youth chorus opportunities in Sioux Falls!

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