The kids of Sioux Falls Children's Choir

Here’s the breakdown of how your donation is used when you decide to support the Sioux Falls Children’s Choir!

How You Help

While students do pay tuition after registering, that only covers part of our operating expenses.

When you decide to help support this program, your contribution goes directly back to the daily operations of the choir. A few examples would be costs for advertising, rehearsal/performance fees, as well as covering miscellaneous expenses like printing music.

One of the more important places donations go towards is our scholarship fund, which helps cover the tuition costs for children who wish to join the program and may need some assistance.

New Chances to Support

Our own Sioux Falls Children’s Choir has recently been approved to participate in A Community Thrives through the Gannett Foundation.

This gives people an opportunity to donate towards a goal of ours that will make our program eligible for additional grants from the Gannett Foundation.

We will be crowdfunding from July 19th through August 13th of this year and donations can be made here.

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